Saturday, April 12, 2014


Need a lift?  Put away your wallet!  A cab war in Milwaukee means for the next couple of weeks, you can get a free ride anywhere in MKE (for a ride that would costs $25 or less).

Ironically, the war is between two companies who vehemently deny being cab companies.  It appears the only people not offering free rides in Milwaukee are legitimate cabbies.

On Friday, Lyft, a "ride sharing service" launched in Milwaukee.  They're known for their strange mustaches in front of their cars.  To kick things off in Milwaukee, they are offering 50 FREE rides for the next two weeks for EVERYONE.

SWEET!  That's a lot of rides.

Not to be outdone, UberX, who launched a couple weeks ago, is offering free rides through April 20th.

What in the world is Uber and Lyft?  Well it is the cabbie of the future (but once again, they DENY being cabs).

Basically, a Joe schmo with a decent car, picks you up and drives you somewhere.  You ask for a ride through the Lyft and Uber Apps.  

You also don't give your driver money.  When you download the app, you insert your credit card information.  When your ride starts, your driver hits a button on his smart phone, and when they drop you off they hits another button.  

The tip is already built in.  The car stops, you get out, say goodbye, wave, blow a kiss, AND BAM, you're done.  (Kinda sounds like a cab doesn't it?).

The only issue is the whole service may be illegal.  Lyft and Uber drivers do not have cab permits.  No government official is checking to make sure the break pads aren't worn down to nothing and you are getting into a death trap surely to end in your fiery demise.

It's pissed off city hall.  So far, the two companies appear to be basically sticking middle fingers out the window as they drive by on Water St.

If you are OK with that, then enjoy the FREE RIDES!  Let me know how your trips go!

If you haven't seen Conan's Lyft adventure, it's worth a couple minutes of your time.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Go Uconn, from a kid who never went there

"You didn't go to Uconn Ben, how can you be a Uconn fan?"
"You're not even a real Uconn fan."
"Ben, you went to Quinnipiac, why are you even cheering for Uconn?!"

Ahhhh.  The common complaint.  Why do you cheer for Uconn? Why do you act like Jonathon the Husky dog is a family pet? What the heck is Quinnipiac?

No.  I did not attend Uconn.  But to not understand why I love Jim Calhoun like a God, Ray Allen as the best basketball player to ever grace this earth, is to not understand the beautiful state of Connecticut.

CT, has no major professional sports team since these guys left town.

Uconn defines in many ways who the people of CT are.  The nutmeg state is split right down the middle when it come to baseball with the Yankees or Red Sox.  Jets, Giants, or Patriots split the NFL.  Bruins and Rangers for the NHL.  And don't even get me started with METS fans.  Who the heck are they?
Growing up, everyone cheered for Uconn.

We all cried when they lost.
We all rioted when they won.

OK, I did not take part in any riots (although I did witness them in 2004).

UCONN defines my childhood, my home state, and a lot of good memories.  So with the game about to kick off, GO UCONN!

On the other side of the bracket--- I'll be rooting on the Badgers.