Saturday, August 9, 2014


The plot, I am told, is I am arrested for aimlessly walking in traffic, and my son picks my up.  I demand to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect my million dollar lottery prize.

If my son is my wife, the million dollar prize is getting to see my family and nieces, and my interaction with police is actually a speeding ticket, well BY GOLLY, I just lived out the real life movie!

According to this map:A MAP TO LINCOLN, Lincoln, NE is 563 miles from Milwaukee.  Following work Saturday, Ashley and I loaded up the car, hit the road, and headed west.

We left work at 11PM at night, with the plan to stop in the Quad Cities (which sits along the mighty Mississippi), get a hotel, and finish the journey the following day.  After 3+ hours of driving, and about 2 minutes from our hotel, this happened.

The friendly officer in Le Claire, Iowa told me I was going 65 in a 45.  He was "kind enough" to drop it to 55 MPH.  $114 ticket, was not a great start to the trip.  Then again, every real life movie begins with struggles the main characters must overcome.

Driving through Iowa, on I-80, looks mostly like this for 5 hours.

There are a couple of cool wind farms west of Des Moines.  I took a pretty uneventful time lapse of the experience.

Arriving in Lincoln, meant a very rare occasion.  A) All of the Handelman's in one place at the same time.  And B) I get to see my AMAZING nieces.

Charlotte is 2 years old.  Her passions while we were there included playing isles.

I'm not really sure what isles is.  Her mother says she had never heard her say the word before.  I think it was a game to create islands, and then throw them back in the rock pile.

Quinn is three WEEKS old.

Her passions include sleeping and pooping while in my lap (diaper protected).  Her parents do not know why she has a huge head of black hair.

We only had one full day in Lincoln and we spent it at the adorable Lincoln Children's Zoo.  We met crazy creatures.

Charlotte found her web.

Mom fed the local goat population.

We found a strange frog.

 Following the zoo, we took a few family photos.  It was just like the old days with Scott and Sara.

Our trip included a pool party!

On the way back we met a Hawkeye.

And a presidential birthplace.

We got back just in time to see a Milwaukee sunset.

In total, we spent over 17 hours in the car.

It was worth every second!  

Thank you mom and dad for making this happen and Scott and Jess for being awesome hosts.  Thank you Charlotte and Quinn for the smiles.  Can't wait to do this again soon!